Make Lowrance AT5 charts using GPSMapedit

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UPDATE: Alex Sidorov has donated some updates to the dat files etc. These improve the functionality and mean that the dat file is now selectable, rather than having to replace the existing file. The files are on the "Essential Lowrance Stuff" page. There is also a Russian translation of the script notes. Have a play with these files.




You will need version 2 of GPSMapedit, licenced as you need to be able to export shapefiles. Its cheap and well worth the few bucks.

You will also need to have installed the Insight Map Creator , and have it set up as you want it. Its probably best to have the Atlas version set to 10.

You can download zero contour lake outlines FREE from HERE for the USA and save a bit of work. These load straight into GPSMapedit if you don't want to make your own in the program.

Setup GPSMapedit


First replace the file ShpDefault.dat (in the _ExportSchemas folder in the installation Folder of GPSMapedit) with the new version of AnglingCharts ShpDefault.dat HERE.This lets the application know about all the AT5 attributes, and is easily editable if you want to change something. Make sure to rename the old one first- preferably remove it to a safe backup.


Next open the program. Ensure that the typeset is set to "Garmin" (file- map properties - header tab) and load up this testfile HERE (important)- first you'll have a confusing screen of red polygons,  now go to Tools - Options - view - Mapskins -add, and add the.........

AnglingCharts skinfile that you find HERE

This gives you all your custom objects for the AT5 format, and your screen should suddenly become sensible and organised - looking more like a map.

All the objects you will need are in the testfile.

The skinfile is now loaded and will remain, there is no need to repeat this operation unless you change the description of an object in the skinfile. You can now hit "file - new" and start making charts, or close the application.

NOTE. The shpdefault.dat and AnglingChartsSkin  files are updated very regularly at the moment, so always make sure you have the latest version.

Making the Map.


Select view - zoom levels - level 0. This is because we want this viewable from level 0 upwards and want to work only on level 0.

Find a lake, there are plenty of imagery options in the program and select "polyline" in the "create object" tool. I like to have image transparency on and "select type for every new object" enabled (you'll find this on the object selector dropdown menu).

Draw your polyline. You can do it in sections and merge them together at the end (use the "merge polylines"command, NOT "Join").When you complete a section of line just rightclick and click "end".

At this stage you want to end up with a single closed polyline.

When it's completed you'll have something like this.

You want the lake shoreline to be viewable when you are zoomed out a reasonable distance, so select the shoreline objects Edit - select - by type -Navico shoreline. Right click over a shoreline which should now be highlighted, and select modify - extend all elements - up to level 2 or 3, whatever you prefer (you need to play with this - its a matter of preference).