Corrib Bays and Shores

Clydagh Bay

Clydagh Bay

One of the most historically significant bays on the entire lake. It contains the fortified island of Illauncarbery, previously known as Macamh Iniscreawa according to Wilde. The fortress is a massive circular structure with 6ft thick walls that stand 10ft high. It is well over a thousand years old, and is of the same era as the Carrowmoreknock Boat with its Viking Axes found nearby. The Island lies in front of Cargin Castle.

The bay supports some wonderful trout fishing from the banks, and contains a difficult to get to, but largely sheltered anchorage.

Illauncarbery, an ancient fortress island.

Cargin Castle

Annaghkeen Bay

Annaghkeen Bay

Annaghkeen Bay contains the historic Annaghkeen Castle. The castle is renowned for its amazing undressed stonework. It is probably one of the oldest castles on the lake.

It has a difficult entrance to negotiate, but has a good safe anchorage in good holding once inside. The bay has a useful slipway in the northeast corner.

The beautiful and immensely old Annaghkeen Boat was found in this area.

Annaghkeen Castle, little changed since this victorian etching.