Data creation and GPS chartmaking tutorials.

Lowrance users should also see the AT5 +GPSMapedit tutorials
The first basic tutorial will teach you how to create a simple shoreline / bathymetric chart. This is really the substance of the fishing chart. Everything else is just frippery and bells and whistles.
For those who need the bells and whistles a second tutorial shows how its done. This bit takes time and patience, and can have a bit of a learning curve. If you have GPSMapedit and want to make Lowrance charts I've made life a whole lot easier for you. HERE

Reefmaster is fast becoming the perfect application - so keep an eye on it.
Dr Depth had its drawbacks, its very poor resolution of point objects (isolated rocks) being one of them, and its area limitations another,   DrDepth data has not been sorted or checked, and ambiguities are not flagged. These limitations have possibly been inherited by the new owners. Its very good at what it DOES do right though.
Charts created with DrDepth cannot be viewed as navigational charts. They are fishing maps that give you a broad and general indication of the nature of the bottom and its bathymetry. The program is wonderful for surveyors who are using other means of  logging and analysing  hazard depths, as it actually makes the whole business fun.
For diehard DrDepth users, these tutorials should help ease the pain.
Software I use.
Insight Mapcreator
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Basic AT5 chart. Bathymetry and Shoreline
Lowrance AT5 with land and Isobath areas