Lough Inagh, Connemara

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Lough Inagh
Lough Inagh Traditional Chart

A truly fascinating lake, and of remarkable historical significance. There are several ancient lake dwellings on the lake, most with well defined causeways. I had a cuppa in a hut on one of the islands and noticed "Ballinahinch Stn" painted onto a piece of timber.


I was later told that this was not actually a fishing hut, but was built by Marconi who was considering a transmitter at nearby Lehanagh The remains of the old pier are still evident. There is a similar hut at the North end of the lake, a little more exposed, and very battered.


There is a perfectly defined glacial scar right up the lake. I'm reliably informed that this is a classic basin and reigel (bar) structure caused by glacial overdeepening.


The lake produces Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout and Ferrox. 


The chart is available in A2 format through the website or directly from the Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel. All charts are supplied in rugged postal tubes.


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Lough Inagh Bathymetry
Lough Inagh Colour Bathymetric Chart

This colour bathymetric chart is available as an A2 or A3 laminated sheet, and can also be supplied as a standard print on high quality paper for framing.


The chart is available either through the website, or directly from the Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel. All charts are supplied in rugged postal tubes.

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