Lough Inagh, Connemara

Lough Inagh is one of the finest Salmon and Sea Trout lakes in Europe, and is part of the famed Ballynahinch system.

The lake is fed directly by the runoff from the Bens to the West, and the Maamturks to the East. A result of this very local supply is that the level of the lake can vary by feet in a single day as there is no buffer for the supply.

The main supply rivers are to the North and Northeast, with several smaller streams feeding in on each side. There are very noticeable plumes of transported material at the mouths of the feeder streams.

This was another lake that was, according to local legend, bottomless. The deepest part is 75ft, with most of the lake averaging 20ft. Myth busted.

This is the raw data from which the chart will be made.

The data was gathered in 6 days of surveying, with a total mileage of 101 nautical miles covered and 180,000 separate soundings  taken.