Cornamona Wreck

We were surprised to film this.It appears to be a hooker type vessel, or a barge - inverted. It has dumped what may have been a cargo of turf all around the area, there also seem to be a lot small rocks, very out of place in this area of the lake. It may well be the missing mine barge that stories are told of.
Cornamona wreck 6

Zebra mussels prefer wood as a substrate, and can be seen here clinging rather selectively to "something" 14ft down.

Cornamona wreck 4

This wreck is found on a remote and isolated area of shallower water, in what is otherwise quite deep water.

More surprises from Corrib.

Cornamona wreck 3
The whole structure is roughly 35ft long, and needs a proper archaeological survey doing. Some research has revealed that it is possibly the remains of a large turf boat or mine  boat.
Cornamona wreck
From this angle it appears to have a strongly built hull, from some angles it looks as though it could even be metal, with a timber extended bulwark. Possibly a steamer, there were several used commercially on the lake, particularly when the mines were in operation.