Installing and Setting up Memory Map to run

AnglingCharts maps

1. Go  here and download the Windows PC version (right click on the link and select "save link as"). Install the msi file that you receive. It comes with OS maps now which you probably dont want, you dont have to install them so can cancel out when it asks if you want to load them.

2. Make a folder in your "My Documents" folder, and call it "Maps" (or whatever...)

3. Copy the .qct files you have received from AnglingCharts into the folder.( for whichever AnglingCharts map you have)

4. Start Memory Map.

5. A dialogue box pops up asking for the location of your map folder - point it to your new map folder. (or Maps - Map List - refresh map list - locate the folder)

6. You'll now see a list of the charts.

7. Select the Corrib Basemap -  (for example) and hit OK

8. A box now pops up saying that 3rd party maps require activation - dont panic.( You can also find this in Help - Licence Management), so select 3rd Party maps

9. Hit Activate

10. Now create an account - just follow the instructions - this isn't costing anything

11. Accept or modify the computer name it suggests

12. Now hit "Activate Demo", which gives you a 10 day licence, or buy.

13. Thats it. You can now view 3rd party maps on your PC, I suggest you start with the Corrib Standard Map. You need to play with the program a bit to get the hang of scale and zoom.

14. Remember - these are Raster charts - not vector charts. "Zoom" simply zooms you in on the same chart - "scale in" or "scale out" takes you to the next scale (resolution) chart - which may have more detail or less detail

On your iPad. (You need the 3rd Party maps licence 15GBP - its worth it)



1. Locate and download the App (Memory-Map)

2. You will need to purchase the full 3rd party maps licence via your PC  (15GBP) as Apple doesnt allow free demos apparently. You need to carry out the procedure detailed  above to do this.

3. Install iTunes onto your PC

4. Connect your iPad to your PC with USB cable.

5. On the menu on the left you will see your iPad under "Devices"

6. Click on it, and select "Apps"

7. You will see a list of Apps installed on your iPad. Click on "Memory-Map"

8. You will see a list of installed charts, and a button "add".

9. Click Add, and browse to the folder you put the Charts into.

10. Select all the AnglingCharts Corrib charts.

11. Thats it - there is NO NEED TO SYNC.


If you can't see your charts...


make sure that you go into Map Types in the Map selection screen and select "Show all" - or switch them all on. There are 3 map types - Low res, med res and High res.



More details  here for transferring charts to iPad / iPhone if you run into problems.

Android Users.
Follow the PC instructions above. Copy the charts onto an SD Card putting them in the /Download/Memory-Map/  folder. The folder names are case sensitive. Memory-Map will see and read the SD card. Remember to select the Map types you want to view - they are "A" ("HiRes" on V3.3), "Standard" and "Basemap"