Derryclare Lough, Connemara

This seldom fished lake is one of the jewels of the Ballynahinch system. It has everything - limestone shallows, great dropoffs, long drifts in good water, and quiet sheltered bays. It also has some treacherous rocks in what looks like clear deep water !
Sunken tree, Derryclare
This is the top of a tree found at the end of a rocky ridge in the north end of Derryclare, near the Butts. It is easy to differentiate between the loose rocky bottom made of morain material, and the clay muddy bottom that the tree is on. There is also another peice of tree debris towards the top, and what may be fish towards the right hand side of the screen. 
Much if the bottom is smooth mud, but the boundary areas, and dropoffs are perfect fish holding grounds. In these areas I saw plenty activity during the survey.
There is a disused salmon hatchery on the shore of the lake, the suction pipe is a large affair, and extends well out into the lake. The downscan imagery revealed that this was a major attraction for fish.

This crevasse represents the fault line running the length of the lake. It is the boundary region between limestone and granite. There is a large fish high up on the left wall of the crevasse. At this point the crevasse drops from 4ft, to 50ft in a couple of yards.

There is now a gps chart available at the hotel, following the fault line with a deep lure should be quite simple !

More items will be added as the survey progresses.