Corrib on your PC

Use the Corrib fishing map to plan your days


The Corrib fishing map is very much at home on your PC, and this is an excellent way to view fishing maps and plan your days fishing.


Corrib launch sites and Slipways


The Corrib fishing map has detailed descriptions all the launch sites and slipways  (there are about 25), with clickable points that bring up descriptive text on important features, and all of the bells and whistles you'd expect to find on your GPS.

Garmin GPS

You can export planned routes and drifts directly to your Garmin GPS, and download  all of the data you have accumulated during the day to waypoint and analyse.

Corrib running in Homeport
Using Garmin Homeport and the Corrib fishing map you can tour the lake and plan your fishing from the comfort of your own PC. You can choose your launch sites and slipways to suit your itinerary
Corrib running in Mapsource

The Corrib GPS chart also runs in Garmin Mapsource. The application is no longer supported by Garmin but is still a good way to browse around the chart without putting it on a GPS.

Handheld Garmin GPS units are Mapsource compatible, so you can transfer you fishing maps directly to your  Garmin GPS

Mapsource Charlies Shallows

Find lanch sites and slipways close to your intended drifts, save a bit of petrol. 

Its a good way to get to grips with Charlies Shallows without losing your prop as well.....