Corrib Bathymetry

There is renewed interest in the ecology of the lake - the location of its  inhabitants is inextricably linked to the depth of water and subsequent availability of food.
The table below shows a breakdown of the depths found in both sections of the lake. The split occurs around Lees Island.

Weed is found generally in the top 12ft, there being insufficient light at greater depths, however the filtering that is occurring due to the zebra mussel infestation will mean that light penetration, and hence vegetation growth will expand into deeper areas over time.
Lough Corrib Chart Book
Corrib habitat
300m zone - shallows and 2km zone
This chart displays a zone extending 300m from every shoreline in light green, the shallows which are contained within this zone are shown  in dark green. The remaining shallows, of which there are very few outside this zone (see table), are displayed in blue.

There is additionally a yellow overlay depicting a zone extending 2km distant from each major confluence.

Lough Corrib Bathymetry Chart
The Lough Corrib Bathymetry Chart is available here