Lough Corrib on your iPad / Android

Corrib for  Mobile . preview it HERE

All of the charts are available for  iPhone / Android, some are simple small charts with only one or two layers, others, like Lough Corrib, are complex charts with many layers.

The program used to view and manipulate the charts on iPhone and iPad is Memory Map, a clean, simple and versatile program that allows you to create your own layers of features on top of the charts, as well as transfer the charts onto your iPad. Installation instructions are here.


All iPhone, iPad and Android charts are custom created, and personalised. I will send a download link for all purchases.

For Android you have a choice of Alpinequest or Memory-Map to view and run the charts. Alpinequest does not need a 3rd party licence, and is somewhat simpler and easier to install.





Buy Corrib for Mobile by choosing your option, and hitting "buy now"

a download link will be sent within 24 hours (normally within one or two). The link will remain live for 24 hours.

You DO NOT need a Paypal account to use the "Buy Now" button !!

Additional Trolling Chart !!
Corrib Trolling Chart
The Corrib Trolling Chart is available for €20 if you are an existing user of the Corrib for Mobile, or €30 if you want it on its own. This chart makes trolling at any depth a simple operation, just decide which colour you are going to keep your boat in !  
Please just email the website from the contact page if you want one of these charts.