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Corrib Nuvi V3
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Corrib 3.33 on Echomap
Corrib Echomap
Corrib 3.33 on Echomap
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GPS Charts and Fishing Maps for Garmin marine units (GPSMap 4xx 5xx etc) and Nuvi GPS. These are supplied for download onto your SD or MicroSD card.


These are the ONLY up-to-date Garmin charts of Corrib, and are used by Government agencies, fishing clubs and local councils. The old charts I produced under the name of Corribcharts up to 2011 are now completely out of date and dangerous to use.





Please note that the latest (2015) Garmin Marine firmware (the software inside the GPS) does not officially support 3rd party charts. Older Garmin Chartplotters are unaffected and the Corrib for Garmin will run perfectly without modification.


 This means that the old versions of the AnglingCharts Corrib Chart will not work on new Garmin GPS units.  This applies to the new EchoMap series of chartplotters since Feb 2015 and any other marine units with updated firmware since Feb 2015 

However - if you absolutely MUST buy a Garmin EchoMap, drop me an email if you want to run the Corrib Chart on it and you could be in luck.


Lowrance plotters would definitely be your best bet for Corrib (I make charts for those too......).


Garmin Terrestrial units remain unaffected.

The Corrib Chart


All GPS versions of the Corrib Chart are sent individually on request and are personalized.  AnglingCharts are the sole authors of the Corrib Chart.

If you want to get a copy, simply donate a minimum of €30 below. If you are updating contact me here


Always state the Model and GPS Unit ID which can be found by following the instructions  here

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The cost of producing these GPS Charts and fishing maps is high and couldn't be borne without your donations. A donation goes a long way and shows that you appreciate the amount of work that continuously goes into these charts. Just hit the donate button above.

These charts are licenced for personal leisure use only. For commercial use  contact



LATEST UPDATED MARINE VERSION  will be sent by email to anyone who makes a donation of €30 or more. Please allow 24hrs. Please email  if you need the NUVI version. Always state the Model and the Unit ID number which can be found  here



If you would simply like to help this project by making a donation, just click the button and enter the amount you feel is commensurate with the benefit the charts provide.