Sidescan Imagery from Lough Inagh

Inagh Sidescan Boathouse shore
Inagh Sidescan - Boathouse shore

The East shore of the lake is dotted with glacial deposit material in heaps that extend to about 200m from the shore. They rise to about 6ft below the surface.

They are probably small washed out morains - all the fine material has been removed by the action of moving water, leaving just heaps of large boulders that look as though they have been positioned purposefully.

There are several "glacial erratics"- large odd boulders sitting on their own dotted along the  muddy lakebed as well.

All of these make perfect habitat for fish, and it is clear why some of the successful drifts and trolling runs are along this shore.

Red Island shore and shallows
Red Island shore and shallows

Cormorant Rock, and the shore of Red Island.

Again you can see piles of rocks, that look as though they just dropped onto the muddy bottom.

Cormorant rock is very prominent, rising sharply to 1m above the water, but the shallow rocky area associated with it extends a substantial distance towards the centre of the lake.

Most of the "rock piles" on the lake occur in water of less than 20ft depth. The remainder of the lake bottom is soft mud.


The image linked here is very large (2mb) and enables one to clearly see individual boulders.