A possible submerged and buried crannog off the 

Glann Shore

Buried crannog - drawn in in the Victorian era
The Victorians were great collectors and wonderful documenters of all that they found. While browsing a book on "Lake Dwellings of Ireland" I came across this illustration, and realised that it compared astonishingly well with an anomaly I found some years ago. 

Crannogs are ancient lake dwellings, often with stone walls and fortifications. They were in use from the Bronze Age right through to the Middle Ages.
Original side scan image
The anomaly was very hard to spot, and video surveying of the area indicated that whatever lay there was buried under sediment.
A little video enhancement...
A little video enhancing revealed that something was indeed lurking beneath the silt.
A touch more enhancement....a floor.
A little more work and it resolved into what appears to be a buried floor.

While there is absolutely no guarantee that this is indeed nothing more than a sonar ghost, my experience tells me that something is buried here.

Very close to this location, no more than 100m away, a beautiful wooden spear was located during weed clearance work. The possiblility that it once belonged to the owners of this fine lakeside property is something to ponder.