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Lough Bola, Carna, Connemara

Lough Bola Chart
Lough Bola Fishing Map

An A3 chart of Lough Bola, Carna, Connemara. Both a fascinating document and a very useful fishing map.


The lake is historically significant, with a well preserved crannog on it. The survey  revealed the causeway to the crannog, running in an entirely unexpected direction, and with a deep hole across the causeway close to the crannog itself. This would have provided a great degree of security, as it would either have been bridged, or traversed by boat.


This is the only survey of the lake ever to have been conducted.

The Lough holds brown trout up to 1.5lbs, and was a good sea trout lake in years past. Photo Gallery


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Ballynahinch Lake, Connemara

Ballynahinch Castle Hotel. Lake
Ballynahinch Lake

A wonderful historic Salmon and trout lake, with a prison island, dropoffs, walls, shallows and isolated deeps. The prison Island is the site of an ancient  fortified dwelling, or Crannog. The survey revealed the route taken by the causeway across this deep lake.

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The chart is available in A1 and A2 format. A GPS fishing map is also available for Garmin marine and multipurpose units (handhelds).


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Lough Scannive, Carna, Connemara

Lough Scannive Chart
Lough Scannive fishing map

Near Carna in South Connemara. The lake has 3 ancient fortified dwellings, or Crannogs, one of which is probably the best preserved in Ireland.

This seldom visited lake was a favourite of Victorian Sea Trout fishermen. It has extensive shallows and is inhabited by beautiful golden brown trout up to about 1lb in weight. Some large trout have been hooked in the deeps (100ft), but none have yet been landed (allegedly). This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful lakes to take a boat out onto. Photo Gallery

GPS and Paper charts are available.


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Chapel Lake, Ballinafad, Connemara

Chapel Lake Fishing Map
Chapel Lake, Ballinafad, Connemara

Chapel Lake is part of the Ballynahich catchment. The bathymetry of the lake is fascinating, with an 85ft vertical wall and a depth of over 120ft. For a small lake it has everything - streamy shallows and gravel beds, rocky shallows, walls, reedy quiet patches, and total peace.

I've often taken a boat out on this lake,  even when the fish aren't rising to my dry-fly its still a wonderful experience.


GPS and Paper charts available

Lough Inagh, Connemara

Lough Inagh
Lough Inagh

A truly fascinating lake, and of remarkable historical significance. There are several ancient lake dwellings on the lake, most with well defined causeways. I had a cuppa in a hut on one of the islands and noticed "Ballinahinch Stn" painted onto a piece of timber.

I was later told that this was not actually a fishing hut, but was built by Marconi who was considering a transmitter at nearby Lehanagh  The remains of the old pier are still evident. There is a similar hut at the North end of the lake, a little more exposed, and very battered.



There is a perfectly defined glacial scar right up the lake. I'm reliably informed that this is a classic basin and reigel (bar) structure caused by glacial overdeepening.  

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Upper Ballynahinch Fishery

Upper Ballynahinch Fishery
Upper Ballynahinch Fishery

The area of the Ballynahinch system, including the "Canal Stage" known in local fishing circles as the "UBF".

This Chart encompasses the waters of a particular syndicate, and is only available privately.


Of note is the incredible depth of Chapel Lake, the smallest, but by far the deepest lake in the local system,  up against the graveyard it has a vertical wall 85ft deep.