The Corrib Chart V3.10 for Garmin NUVI

This version of the Corrib Chart, the Corrib Fishing Map for Nuvi is fully contoured.  It has marine routes, new markers and soundings as well as island names etc. Just tap on an object and it will tell you what it is. There are all the holes and dropoffs, many of which are little known, as well as all the shallows.

If you want your copy, simply go HERE
The Garmin Nuvi is a convenient GPS to run the fishing map on due to its slim pocket size, it can be loaded from Mapsource, or run the chart direct from micro SD card.
The screenshots below were taken on a Garnmin Nuvi 1300 - probably one of the cheapest and most incompatible units available !
South of Inishmacatreer - the Carrickaslin hole - always full of fish!
The very surprising deep holes either side of Caffeys Island
South of Rabbit Island - zoomed out
Needles Shallows -  zoomed out
Kilbeg, Knockferry and Clydagh - zoomed out
Hen Castle in the North Lake, and the deep hole under Lackavrea