Marine Archaeology with Sidescan Sonar

Well preserved dugout in S Corrib

This is  a dugout canoe, possibly bronze age, about 25ft in length, and apparently in remarkable condition judging by the sonar shadow, which gives a good indication of the vertical extent.

The wreck appears to have a longitudinal member, probably carved as an integral keelson, running the length of the vessel.

The distortion towards the bottom end of the image is due to the movement of the survey vessel rather than deformation of the wreck.

In the image above you can clearly see the remains of a wooden framed vessel, possibly even a  hide boat from the middle ages.

Because the vessel was almost in the water column directly under the survey craft the most effective image is obtained by not removing the water column during processing - resulting in the slightly odd image format.

If you look closely you can see a fairly modern canoe lying on the bottom as well in the left side of the image. 

raw sidescan data
This is the raw sidescan data of the timber framed vessel above
Raw sidescan data
Another full channel screenshot of the same wreck