Lough Mask Wallchart

The Mask wallchart shows depths, access points, launch sites  and slipways, and shallows. It is a sister chart to the Corrib Wallchart and is beautifully and traditionally laid out.
66.5 x 59.4cms
Lough Mask Wallchart
Lough Mask Wallchart
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Lough Mask for iPhone and Android
Lough Mask for iPhone and Android.
The AnglingCharts Lough Mask for iPhone and Android runs under Memory-Map or Alpinequest

It contains depths, shallows, launch sites, all the names that can be found and plenty of detail.
Instructions are here

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Lough Mask for Garmin -  FREE with Corrib for Garmin

The Lough Corrib Chart  for Garmin now includes Lough Mask

New Lowrance Lough Mask chart for GPS

Lough Mask Lowrance HDS
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Lough Mask Lowrance HDS