Charts for iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. Memory-Map

A large, clear easy to read display

The Corrib Chart for Memory-Map.  Runs on iPad, Android and PC

Corrib Chart for Memory-Map


The Corrib Chart is now available for iPad, and looks spectacular. You'll need memory Map on your PC and the Memory map App on your iPad.


Simply running the chart on your laptop is a great solution for cruising, and the program enables you to create and save your own information layers on top of the chart.

Memory-Map is available here

Once installed on your PC you need to use Help - License Management and activate the "import 3rd party maps" tab. This will give you a 30 day evaluation. You can only import 3rd party maps onto your iPad with the full 3rd party maps licence, not just the demo, this costs a few bucks - but is well worth it. 

Memory-Map. Doon anchorage on Corrib.

Doon anchorage

Above is Memory-Map running the Corrib Chart on an iPad. The application runs very nicely on Android devices as well - although not quite as silky smooth as the iPad, this is more than compensated for by the fact that you can buy a 10 inch Android tablet with GPS capability for around €140.

Android App alternative

An alternative application which will run the qct format (Memory-Map) charts is MMTracker. Here it is running the Corrib Chart on a really cheap 10 inch Android tablet plucked from the cheap seats on Ebay (Universalgadgets) for about £116.

MMTracker is a free app and no additional costs for 3rd party licences are needed. It does however run a little  slowly - and the charts need to be changed manually - it doesnt change raster charts for the next scale up as you zoom in (which Memory-map does)