Corrib River Sidescan images

Corrib River, Menlo Hole
A profile across the well known Menlo Hole. You can see that the hole is a feature of a fault line - with what appears to be a boulder field on one side, and a limestone / mud wall on the other.
Corrib River Menlo Hole
Menlo hole, near the Graveyard - the different nature of the bottom on either side of the hole is clearly apparent.
Debris Field
The river has been the final resting place of hundreds of boats and water borne objects over the centuries. This is a small debris field, with a larger object near the centre of the image on the port side. It appears to have scored the bottom on its way down, or had simply dragged along in the strong currents.
The entire river is being completely surveyed, as part of the suite of local surveys and archaeological investigations for the new Corrib Heritage Centre.