Derryclare Lough, Connemara

Derryclare Lough Wallchart

This lake has been very rarely fished from boats in the last 60 years, with the vast majority of fishing restricted to the Derryclare Butts and Green Point Butts.

There are many rocky shallows, and a lot of hazards to be wary of, but there are plenty of fish, and what appear to be some very large trout hugging the walls of the dropoffs.

There are plenty of these steep dropoffs and a lot of sheltered bays offering a wide variety of fishing.


If you are simply staying at the Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel this is a wonderful lake to spend some peaceful hours on. The lake has the oldest ancient oak woodland in europe at the north end, and some of the most spectacular scenery in the whole of Ireland.


There is a stone causeway to one of the many islands, the remains of  ancient lake dwelling or platform in the north end, and one of the best preserved limekilns in Connemara at the site of an old mine on the north shore.

The lake has a large amount of limestone, and very little weed, which is restricted to a few quiet shallow corners.


The Chart is available either here on the website, or direct through the Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel.


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Derryclare 3d
Derryclare 3d

Looking Northeast along the length of the lake. Derryclare Butts is at the foot of the river at the top of the image. Some surprising deep holes have been found, and somegood limestone shallows.

There are photos of the lake in the Photos section.