Importing Reefmaster Contours and Polygons to GME

Displayed with Minor contours on HDS
To import your Reefmaster Contours into GME.

1. When you have exported from Reefmaster you have 3 files. You need the Minor Contours, and Major Contours Polyline files.
2. In GME : File - import - ESRI shp. Select the file called xxxx_Majors.shp (Major contours)
3. This will bring up a dialogue box - select Navico Depth Contour Major as the type.
4. In the next box make sure "select field for labels" is checked, then highlight the field "VALUES". This will ensure that the contours get depth labels.
5. Click through the next 2 boxes until you come to the Zoom levels, you probably ony want levels 0 and 1, but you can always change it later.
6. After they pop onto your chart, while they are still highlighted its a good idea to right click over one of them and  hit Tools - extract all elements.

Now do exactly the same process for your Minor contours, selecting Navico Depth Contour Minor as your object type.

Importing contours into GME is already a very simple operation, but this is soon to be enhanced with the addition of depth areas (Isobath areas)

Version 1.6 of Reefmaster allows  export of contours and a full set of isobath area polygons together. This makes it  very simple to create beautiful, meaningful and easy to read charts ,  straight onto your Lowrance at the click of a mouse (or touchpad). The only mapping application to be able to do this, I think.

At the moment the instructions for importing isobath areas can be found in the Reefmaster - Garmin tutorials - the procedure is exactly the same.

The image above is output from Reefmaster - with no modification. With spot soundings and topography added this is going to be very hard to beat.