Traditional and GPS Fishing Maps of Lough Corrib and Lakes in the West of Ireland



At AnglingCharts I produce cruising charts & fishing maps. I survey lakes and create GPS and traditional paper charts . It's a pastime, much the same as fly fishing is a pastime. Expensive, time consuming, and occasionally very satisfying. It also seems to be becoming quite a geological and archaeological adventure.

On this website you'll find a growing collection of charts. There are paper charts of well known boating & fishing lakes, iPad Charts, GPS charts , some free downloads,  Android charts, lots of interesting "stuff", including wrecks and amazing sidescan sonar imagery, tutorials to help you make your own charts,  and The Lough Corrib Chart Book



The Lough Corrib Wallchart

The definitive and beautiful Lough Corrib Wallchart, complete with shallows, routes, islands, depths and points of interest
Lough Corrib Antique Chart

A beautiful antique style chart of Corrib, the style is of a chart created in the early 1800s.
A very different type of chart - with accurate bathymetry and geography from Anglingcharts own surveys, but embellished with a touch of a bygone age.
Lough Corrib A3 Chart  set

A set of four strongly laminated A3 size charts for quick and easy reference( and they dont seem to mind being in the bottom of the boat !)

Includes a handy distance table

Lough Mask Wallchart
Lough Mask Wallchart
The Lough Mask Wallchart
 Click on the image to go to the Lough Mask chart page.
A sister chart to the Corrib Wallchart.
The Lough Corrib Chart Book
The Lough Corrib Chart Book can be bought from Charlie Byrnes Bookshop in Galway, and signed copies can be bought directly for postal delivery from (using Paypal). Unsigned copies are sold on Blurb and Amazon.
The production version of the Corrib Chart for Lowrance has now been released and is available on the Navico website here. This is the ultimate chart for fishing on Corrib.

Contact for more information

Screenshots here
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Corrib and Mask for Mobile
iPad, Android and iPhone chart of Lough Corrib. The full buoyage system, launch sites and slipways, historical points of interest, full bathymetry, anchorages,  routes, fully contoured and gloriously clear. Shallows and holes are clearly marked and fully contoured.

Version 3.3 of the Corrib & Mask Chart for Garmin

Corrib Chart for Garmin V3.3
 V 3.3 of AnglingCharts Corrib for Garmin. It contains the latest marker positions. As well as containing the results of all the latest sidescan surveys there are many important updates to bathymetry and points of interest.  It also now contains many more of the local names of shallows and marks.
Lough Mask comes free with this chart.
Garmin have restricted the use of 3rd party charts on Marine units since late 2017. It runs on handhelds and all unmodified pre  late 2017 Garmin marine GPS.
Garmin Corrib

Lough Corrib Trolling Chart for iPad / iPhone and Android. A  unique trolling chart of the Corrib is now available. It runs under Memory-Map on the iPad, Alpinequest on Android. This makes keeping to limiting depths really simple, and is designed for high visibility and ease of use.

Lough Corrib Fishing Chart for Garmin Nuvi. A  Nuvi optimized version has  been published, perfect for boat fishermen who don't want to buy a GPS sounder, and have a Nuvi in the car ! It is fully contoured for the whole lake, has soundings, vastly improved bathymetry - all the shallows and holes, and all the convenience. Screenshots here
 Beautiful Corrib Wallcharts available, latest buoyage, launch and slipways,  updated bathymetry, wrecks, new routes and much more.
Corrib Bathymetric Chart
The  Corrib Depth Wallchart (Bathymetric Chart).
This stunning A1 wallchart showing with wonderful clarity the shallows and depths of the Corrib. This is available for purchase NOW.
Photo Karl Brady UAU

Amazing  photos from the beautiful and immensely old Annaghkeen Boat. More photos in the Photos Section too.

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Version 3 of the GPS Chart of Corrib / Mask is available.


Version 3.0 of the Garmin GPS chart now includes LOUGH MASK. Contact the website for details. This chart will not run on new Garmin Marine units (after end 2017), 


This edition is fully contoured from Galway to Maam. Contains  dropoffs and shallows, and the  historic wreck discoveries. As a fishing map the new chart is unbeatable. If you are considering a holiday fly fishing in Ireland, on Lough Corrib, a GPS in your pocket loaded with this chart could take you right to the fish !

Samples are available for FREE download here

Version 3 (Corrib only)  available for NUVI 

Corrib Chart Book
The Lough Corrib Chart Book
Android and iPad users - The latest version of chart is now running on Android and iPad. See screenshots and find out how to get this versatile fishing map  here