Fishing & Cruising Charts for Lough Corrib

& lakes in the West of Ireland

Lough Mask

Lough Mask for iPhone and Android.
The AnglingCharts Lough Mask for iPhone and Android runs under Memory-Map.

It contains depths, shallows, launch sites, all the names that can be found and plenty of detail.

A donation of  at least €12 will secure you a copy.

If you want one just go here

Dont forget to add a note that you want the Mask for iPhone and Android.
Lough Mask for Garmin
Garmin charts are available, to run on Garmin marine units such as the GPSMap 451 etc. Drop me a line if you want one.

New Lowrance Lough Mask chart for GPS

Lough Mask Lowrance HDS
Email for a copy
Lough Mask Lowrance HDS