GME image 5

Right click on the shoreline again and Modify - kind - convert to polygon. Select Navico a Shallow area such as Blue 1, Blue 3 etc. (it really doesnt matter - you are only using it to subtract an area)

Now Ctrl-V or Edit- paste and your shoreline is back where it belongs.

Next click on the land, hold down ctrl, and click on the lake, now right click and subtract polygons.

Delete the lake polygon. (click on it and hit del)

Now hit Tools - Merge inner polygons.

Select all the land objects and extend them up to the same level as you did with the shorelines - they will now be visible when zoomed out a reasonable distance.

At this stage you can admire your handywork in the emulator so SAVE AS (dont overwrite the shoreline file so give it a different name), THEN export as shapefile.


Make sure that you load the 3 shapefiles that GME just created (points, lines and polygons) into IMC, and hit "build".


If you have your build location set as an emulator then remember that IMC creates a folder called BoundAT5s in the selected folder, so you will need to move the AT5 file down into the Maps0 folder.


You should now be able to open your emulator, and go find your chart. The first time it wont be immediately  there on the screen - you'll have to pan across to it so make sure you have a position for it from GME .


It will look something like this. Right now we have no water background, thats coming soon, we need to deal with the islands next.