Selectable On/Off Bottom Hardness

With Reefmaster it will now be possible to export bottom hardness maps. This will be able to be done either directly onto SD card from Reefmaster, or you can export and bring them into GME for editing or just to have a play with. The Bottom Hardness Module will be available soon, and is in Beta currently.

There are  areas and lines,  both of which are selectable and can be displayed on their own or with the background chart.   Isohard lines or Isohard areas.
Its not easy to display this amount of information on a chart and still keep it simple and meaningful, so we've come up with a couple of colour schemes that seem to fit the bill.
Bottom Hardness
Isohard areas and lines
This is a colour option for the display of both Isohard areas and Isohard lines on top of a regular chart.

There are also areas of reeds and submerged weed
Isohard areas mono
Monochrome Isohard areas
There is also the possibility of using a monochrome palette to display hardness.
Isohard lines and areas Switched Off
The Bottom Hardness mapping is easily switched off from the menu on your HDS
Isohard lines
Isohard Lines
If you want to display only Isohard lines, and keep the display uncluttered, then its just as easy.
Elite 5
This BH mapping also runs on older models - here on the old Elite 5 Emulator.
The Isohard lines and Isohard areas are created from data  imported from Reefmaster